Common Mistakes in Shadow Fight 2 Almost Beginners Avoid

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight is getting to its peak, and new players are installing it for a few months fast, and they make some mistakes after installation. When somebody installs the game, they want to become a pro player on the first day for this they probably avoid common mistakes in Shadow Fight 2.

If you are one of them, just quit the game and don’t play because it will be challenging for you. Commonly, some new players avoid the mistakes and get stuck; this post is for you if you are a beginner in the shadow fight world.

Common Mistakes in Shadow Fight 2

Some of the mistakes I’ve read through the feedback of beginners I’m going to describe in the following of my blogs: just keep reading till the end.

Tutorials Skipping

The common issue I learned is to quit the tutorial when the beginners install the game. The developers provide a comprehensive guide, but they ignore it when they ignore the guide and step into the game and don’t know how to play and who is in the game.

Always Try To Attack First

Another failure of the beginners is to attack without knowing the opponent’s strength, health, and power; this way, they get killed by the enemies in the middle of the game. This happens because they don’t go for the defense first.

Spend Coins in the Futile Things

That’s the most annoying mistake made by beginners. They spend coins on futile things like changing skin shades and moves but don’t focus on assets like weapons and health. That’s why they don’t win the game even if they fail by the beginning.

Don’t Try To Understand The Opponent’s Mechanisms

Common Mistakes in Shadow Fight 2

When players are beginners, they have to start with the little fights and then go for the big demons. Firstly, they should understand the weak and strong points of the opponents and then need to fight with them; otherwise, they can go out of the game.

Don’t upgrade the Health And Powers

As I have already mentioned above, they don’t know how to and where to spend coins. They should upgrade weapons first with the coins, then go for whatever they want to do. If you don’t upgrade the weapons, how could you face the strong enemies?

Common Mistakes In Shadow Fight 2 Avoid The Special Moves

The game has various moves like kung fu, karate, and other martial arts styles. Still, they always use simple moves like boxing and kicking when understanding the game completely by reading the tutorials to know how to unlock special moves.


All the above mistakes I have experienced from different players. They need to understand the game mechanisms and then go for the fight. If you are one of the beginners, avoid those common mistakes to become a boss.

If you ignore the common mistakes in shadow fight 2 mentioned above, no one can stop you from becoming a game boss. Do you want to become an expert professional player? Then, make sure that you will ignore those common mistakes.

For more queries don’t hesitate to ask anything about the game from us from our support corner. We’ll respond as swiftly as we can. Don’t worry when we are late to access you. We will be working on the problem you described!

Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrade your fighter’s weapons and health to stay long in the game.

Avoid reading all the comprehensive guides; they don’t upgrade the weapons.

You can understand the game mechanism and learn how to fight with the daily practices.

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