Unleash Your Style: Exploring Shadow Fight 2 Themes And Skins

When you step down into the game, you can better understand the gameplay, shadow fight 2 themes and the other equips of the game’s, color customization gives an extraordinary look to your fighter. When the players understand the game’s mechanisms, they wish to change and customize the shadow’s skin and change the themes.

Shadow Fight 2

For these types of needs, in the following articles, you will learn the basics of color customization and be able to change the colors of your skin. Well, all the info about the colors will be given you can choose them as you need.

Let’s explore The Shadow Fight 2 Themes

There are so many themes that the game offers. If you want to choose them, it’s up to you what variant you love the most. In the following, I will describe the names of the themes that the game exists in.

Default Theme Of Game

The default theme is the very first theme of the game. It has dark graphics, and your fighter will be on the right corner. You don’t need to change this theme because it applies automatically when you install and start playing.

Halloween Themes

You can go into the game’s darkest and horrible side in the Halloween themes. You can select it when you earn a few of the coins you can change the theme in the setting by spending the themes.

Space Theme

As the theme name tells itself what this theme is about, you can change the default theme in the space theme in the setting. In these themes, you can see the space in the corner of the fighting area. Keep in mind that the themes could not affect your fighting abilities.

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Light Theme

Always playing the game with the same themes can get you bored when playing a dark type of game and can easily make your gaming experience worse. Your issue is solved for this solution in the newly updated version of the game because you can change the theme into light from the dark.

Shadow Fight 2 Experience With Skins Customization

As I have mentioned above, some of the game’s main themes. Now, let’s discuss some of its skins and their customization.

Female Skin

Shadow Fight 2 Themes

Are you tired of playing with the same male character’s skin? Then don’t you worry; in the newly upgraded version, your character’s male skin can easily change into a female, and you can change the fighter as per your need, like the widow, etc.

The Shogun Skin

The shogun skin is the most selected skin by the players from the early updates, especially in Japan. This skin is mostly liked because the Shogun is a Japanese character with many weapons, and the Shogun also has ninja skills. You can also check it in the game.

Assassins Skin

Assassin Skins

If you have ever played the Assassin’s Creed game, you can easily know the assassin’s skills are a great advantage of this skin. The assassin’s skin has advanced weapons, and the jumping and climbing on the opponents make the assassin’s skin more advanced than the others.


In the above guide, if you have read all the skins and themes attentively, I hope you can now understand the abilities of all the above-mentioned. Those mentioned above are some of the themes and skins from the game.

Your experience matters the most because when you don’t have experience, how can you know all aspects of the game? Just go for the game install and experience at once that the game is really simple and entertaining to play. From the shadow fight 2 themes the Halloween theme is my personal favorite you can choose it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

At once, this game was only played on android, but now you can play it on PC, Mac, and on IoS as well.

Yes, All the themes of the games are free to use, but you can choose them by spending the coins you earned in the game. All the themes have different cost of the coins.

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