Armed for Battle: Definitive Top 5 Weapons in Shadow Fight 2

As you already know about Shadow Fight 2 and its gameplay, people also want to know about the weapons in shadow fight 2 that they can use or not. Therefore, I will inform you that you might also use the weapons in the game.

The game has many weapons like blades of death, batons, staff, and knives. In this article, I will discuss the five most powerful and most used weapons in the game; all the weapons overviews will be discussed, so follow the content.

Top Weapons Of Shadow Fight 2

Let’s Discuss The Weapons

Without consuming much of your time so let’s discuss the weapons.


As the weapon shows itself by its name, this is the sharp weapon for your fighter that will be given in the hands of the shades. You can use it to damage the opponent’s power, which is very helpful to consume the enemy’s energy. Using these weapons is simple, and that’s not the heavy weapons, which is an extra edge for you to fight.

Weapons in Shadow Fight 2

Big Sword

It’s the sword, but it has a large bladed sword given to you for the attack on the enemy. It is the most used weapon by the players because it hits and wastes much of the energy of the opponent fighter. But there is one difficulty in that you need to spend 14k coins and 39 diamonds to unlock it.

Axes Weapons in Shadow Fight 2

Axes are single-handed heavy weapons given to the players to fight with the other players. You can unlock it easily by spending only a few coins. But you need to upgrade before using it because it gets slower as you use it less of the time.

Composite Sword

This sword is used for attack and defense, too. This sword combines power and energy because it’s a powerful asset to give the most of the damage to the opponent’s power. You can take that extra edge with this sword because you can also use it for your character.

The Sting: Titan’s Desolator

That is one of the best weapons for the best fighter, Titan. This sword is curved and sharp-bladed. Because of its unique style and shape, the players of Shadow Fight 2 like it so much. With this sword, you can fight well with the powerful demons and become the boss of the Shadow Fight 2 game.


Ultimately, all of the above weapons have unique styles and shapes. You can select them as you need. All the weapons are powerful; use them with your level and stages. Remember that you can unlock the weapons mentioned above by spending the coins and gold.

All the weapons have different costs, so fight well and earn more and more coins and gold to unlock and upgrade. Besides these weapons, you can also select many others in the game. It’s your wish which one you will select. Read them in the game menu before use.
With the reading you can know more about the use. Don’t forget to upgrade after and before the use. If you have any other suspicions, leave an opinion lower than. Thank You!

Frequently Asked Questions

As you know, the game has many swords, but the big sword is the best, as I mentioned above.

Sometimes, it gets worse because of its heaviness. The speed of the character gets slower as you keep fighting.

Because the axes give the most damage to the opponents, this is why that is famous among the players.

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