Strongest Bosses Of The Shadow Fight 2 And How To Defeat Them

Shadow Fight 2 is the sequel of The Shadow Fight, and it is the 4th most played RPG action game. There are many Strongest Bosses you have to defeat. But there are some circumstances to defeat. You must know about all the boss’s abilities because you will face them throughout the game.
There are so many strong bosses and demons that you will face on every next level.

All the bosses have many different powers, weapons, and strengths. In the following, I have brought up some of the top bosses. You will know after reading me what the power of these bosses is and how to defeat them. All that’s necessary to do is to follow all my instructions.


Top Five Strongest Bosses, Their Abilities, And How To Defeat Them

There are many bosses in the game with whom you must fight, but I’m going to tell you about its top 5 bosses, their abilities, and defeating strategies in the following. I can surely say that you will become the master of the game if you know all about the bosses of the game.

Lynx Called As Order

Lynx is the group leader and the very first boss of the game. And famous for its different styles and moves. His fighting style makes him disparate from the others.
At the first attempts, look at his fighting style, notice his moves, and then go for a fight. It must study all of its weak and strong points. Stay away from him so he can’t hit you; jump on and attack fast.


The Hermit is a martial arts master who is the second strongest boss of SF2. Read his moves, then apply your best moves to hit the boss.

Hermit Boss


Widow is the lady of the game and the fifth boss of Shadow fight 2, known for his strong fan weapons. To fight with the widow, Gare up your weapons as your weapons are strong you can beat the widow easily in a few seconds.


The powers of that boss are shown in the name of this boss. This Butcher boss comes to fight with you with a strong axe. When you go for the fight, ensure your fighter’s moves and weapons are fully upgraded. Read the boss’s pattern and strongly attack him before he comes closer to beat you.

Strongest Bosses


Titan is the final and the much stronger boss of the game. He is always fully charged to fight with you. During this stage, ensure all your weapons and health are fully charged. Make your strategies, read the boss’s pattern, and note his powerful and weak points. Practice first because, with practice, nothing can be tough to win in the game.


All the above bosses are essential for facing and defeating them if you want to become a boss of the game. All the bosses are strong and challenging for you. You should know all the demons’ strength if you want to defeat them.

With this aim, I will tell you with all the essential guides for the demons of the boss. I’ve just discussed a few of the game’s bosses, which are much stronger than the others keep playing to know more about the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

The strongest weapon of the butcher is the strong and heavy ax.

Titan is a much stronger boss than the widow because of its strong and fully upgraded weapons and special moves.

There are seven main bosses in Shadow Fight 2.

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