Why Shadow Fight 2 Is Better For Mobile Than PC / iOS And Mac

The game was launched for Android phones, but in the player’s demands, it’s also launched for other devices like PCs, Macs, etc. The players played a lot on the other devices, but I’ve experienced some difficulties on the PC, Mac and IOS.

That’s why I have brought you another guide about Why Shadow Fight 2 Is Better For Mobile and why it’s better for mobile. In the adherents, I will delineate all the pros and cons of the game on mobile and the PC.

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Shadow Fight 2 On PC

First I will tell you what the problem was on the PC, then discuss it for the mobile!


The major problem with the game on PC is downloading an emulator or any bluestacks etc that can increase your gaming storage, and your game can get slow while playing.

Why Shadow Fight 2 Is Better For Mobile

Don’t Carry The PC Anywhere

You can’t play the game all the time in one place. If you want to travel anywhere, you can’t access the game because you can’t carry the PC anywhere you want to go for this the players play the game on mobile device then PC.

Don’t Allow The touch System

On a PC, you always have to use the keyboard, which can get you tired while playing, and the setup of buttons is another problem.

Need A High Requirement Device

If you don’t have a better device you can’t enjoy the game like on Android. When your device doesn’t meet the minimum requirement, your gaming experience gets slow. Apart from that, most players can’t afford expensive devices for a game.

Can’t Play Offline

This game needs a better internet to play this game on PC. You can’t take advantage of the game offline when you don’t have an internet connection.

Quick Battles

When you are out of the reach of a PC but in multiplayer mode, the other players invite you to take part in the game’s war you can’t access, and that kind of problem worsens your gaming experience.

Why Shadow Fight 2 Is Better For Mobile

Here in the following are all the game’s advantages that why Shadow Fight 2 is better on mobile.

Your Wars Are Waiting In The Pockets

With the mobile phone, you can enjoy the game no matter where you are. You can take part in the war. That kind of advantage exists in the mobile version only.

Enjoy The Touch Screen Experience

You have to use your keyboard on the PC, but on the mobile phone, you can enjoy the touch screen game, which is much faster than the keyboard.

Updates On The Daily Wages

The game version on the mobile gives you the advantage that you get a notification daily from the game when new updates come on anything in the game, like weapons, skin, moves etc.

Shadow Fight 2 Updates


The game is much better on the mobile because it’s not costly. All the mentioned above you can see only on the mobile phone’s version. All the cool features are free to play on mobile this is why I discussed on the above that why shadow fight 2 is better for mobile.

Those problems came to my knowledge from players who experienced once on the pc. In my opinion, this game has a significantly better experience on mobile devices. If you want to enjoy it, get it from the sources and enjoy it now!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not saying that it is the worst but you can enjoy the better experience on the mobile rather than playing on the PC.

No! It’s a free game to play and download when you are at our site, but you can also use app purchasing to buy some locked features.

Shadow Fight is an amazing free-action game with easy gameplay, and it’s also virus-free.

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