Shadow Fight 2 vs Special Edition Features/Gameplay Pros/Cons

The action game Shadow fight 2 is an official version and all locked. Special version is an alternative version where you can buy many things like gold, gems and weapons. The maximum features of the game are locked in the shadow fight 2. Players can’t defeat the enemies without special features.

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This is why the developer brought an alternative version of shadow fight 2 called special edition. In the special version you don’t need to wait for hours to restore your health. All the features you want to use are available in the special edition.

Shadow FIght 2 vs special edition are the nail biting action game created by Nekki. In the game The doors of the enemies are locked and the shadow has to find his power and save his country. Play the game and rescue the planet by fighting with the demons and bosses.

Features Of Special Edition

As you are spending your money then you have to know about its special features. In the special edition many features you can use here I’m going to explain.

Special Edition The Ads Free Enjoyment

When we are going to discuss Shadow Fight 2 vs Special Edition then you already know that many people are complaining that they have to watch ads in the game. For this the developer solved the problem of ads. When you install the special edition you can’t see any kind of ads during the game.

Buy Unlimited Gold And Gems

As I’m saying that special additions have a wide range of features Unlimited Gold and gems is one of them. In Shadow fight 2 special edition you can buy a maximum limit of gold and gems that will give you an extra advantage while playing.

Facing Value

Special Edition is an ad- free experienced game in this version sometimes they can ask you to purchase something new in app purchasing.
Shadow fight 2 is a free game that you can play without purchasing something. As it is a free version, some difficulties exist in the game. You have to face many ads and pop-up notifications.


As to my research and experience there are seven different stages in shadow fight 2. In the special edition there are a total twelve stages. You have to fight well to unlock the features. Otherwise you have to use your coins that you have earned from the game while playing.

Gameplay Shadow Fight 2 vs Special Edition

Shadow Fight 2 vs Special Edition

The gameplay of car simulator 2 and special edition is almost the same, but in the special edition you have some extra advantage of using special features like unlimited money and gold.

With the old you can modify your fighter’s skin. You can buy many advanced weapons as well. When you are all done then your fighters are stronger now you can fight well. Don’t Forget to defeat bosses. When you defeat bosses you can create your own clans in offline and multiplayer modes.

All the other mechanics of the both games are the same. Graphics and other enhancements are the same too, don’t need to worry about any kind of difficulties because all the other domination are the aforesaid.

Here It’s Time To Discuss Some Pros and Cons Of The Special Edition Vs Shadow fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 Pros

  • Shadow Fight 2 is free of cost to download and free to play.
  • Ads may interrupt you while using app purchasing.
  • The graphics of the game are realistic.
  • Gameplay of the game is very simple and easy.

Shadow Fight 3 Cons

How to download Special Edition of shadow fight 2

  • First go to the google play and sign in your google play account
  • Search for the shadow fight 2 special edition
  • Click on the buy icon where cost is mentioned too
  • After clicking it will deliver you to menu where you can pay the money
  • When you fill forum of billing and when you send them the money it will install automatically

How To download Shadow Fight 2

The method of downloading simple and free shadow fight 2 is straightforward

  • Open the google play store
  • Search shadow fight 2
  • Click on the shadow fight 2 by Nekki
  • Press Install
  • Enjoy the Game

Conclusion Of Shadow Fight 2 vs Special Edition

A summary of all of the above content is that shadow fight 2 special edition and the simple versions are the quiet same. I’ve mentioned above the features of the free and special version.

Have already broached all the features of the both but the special edition is free to download but you can’t use its features without purchasing its special features or you can ask the developers to provide you a premium version from the google play support box.

Whether we talk about shadow fight 2 all the features of it, which provided are free of cost. So, in my opinion, shadow fight 2 is much better than shadow fight 3. Wanna spend your free time on any game? Shadow fight 2 is an awesome game to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shadow fight 2 is the first free version and the special edition is newly updated from the developers. All the features of the special edition’s are paid to use.

As a gamer it is up to you which of the above mentioned games you wanna download. All the features and assets and obstacles of the game I’ve told you above in my content.

Both games have excellent features if you can afford then go for the special edition otherwise spend on the shadow fight 2 free version.

Both games have excellent features if you can afford then go for the special edition otherwise spend on the shadow fight 2 free version.

Shadow fight 2 special is a premium version of shadow fight 2 where all the primum features are available you can purchase them from the app-purchasing option.

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