Top 5 Shadow Fight 2 Alternatives, Intro, Features, Pros and Cons

Top 5 Shadow Fight 2 Alternatives

As you already know about the Shadow Fight 2 game and features, many of the Shadow Fight 2 players are also looking for Shadow Fight 2 alternatives. So many games in the era have almost the same gameplay and features related to Shadow Fight 2.

For that kind of need, I bring the top 5 games with almost the same gameplay and the other assets. But remember that the characters of the all game are different; other equips may be the same. In the following, I encourage you to continue reading to discover alternative options to Shadow Fight 2 in case the game is unavailable.

Shadow Fight 2 Alternatives Games

I will describe the top 5 alternative games for you!

Anima: Gate Of Memories – The Nameless Chronicles

Anima: Gate Of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles

The best and one of the most similar games to Shadow Fight 2. It is an RPG category game, and the story revolves around a character in the world of Gaia immortal that’s nameless in the game. He has to fight with his past to find his reality.

Anima : Gate Of Memories Features

The following are some of its basic features.

Combat System:

The combat system of the game is an extraordinary feature of the game. Fight in fast-paced games, perform combos, and make a well-deserving authority.

Map System

The game allows you to set your tracking system in the game. This tracking system will enable you to navigate your ability and progress throughout the game.


The game provides you with three different languages in the game. There are ✔English, French ✔ and ✔Spanish, languages available to entertain you the most.

Pros And Cons

Here are some of its pros and cons!


  • Best Combat System
  • Rich Lore and Atmosphere
  • The Best Video Gaming Experience
  • Single Player Battle
  • Variety Of Enemies


  • So Many Bugs And Glitches
  • Expensive App-Purchasing
  • It isn’t available on less than Windows 8
  • Steam Cloud And Other Technical Issues
  • So Hard To Find

Eternity: The Last Unicorn

Eternity: The Last Unicorn

A fully RPG game where the story revolves around unicorns. In the game, unicorns and the other eleven were taken away and cursed by witchcraft. The main character has to fight with enemies to save his other partners.

Eternity: The Last Unicorn Features

Here are the features of the game!

Dual Characters

There are two different types of characters: the first is a Viking, the Aurehen, and the second one is Bior.

Boss Battles

The game gives you a variety of different types of bosses and enemies you have to fight with.

Dynamic Weather System

The game gives you various weather-changing options like rainy, suny, and cloud weather selection is up to you.

Pros And Cons

A few of its pros and cons are below!


  • Puzzles and hidden treasures
  • Dynamic Weather
  • Unlocking the new abilities
  • Two of its Aurehen and Bior characters
  • Easily Available Game


  • Hard and challenging
  • Addictive sometimes
  • Need a good internet connection
  • Limited Paths
  • So much time playing games to learn

Torchlight III

Torchlight III

Torchlight III is one of the most liked RPG games by the RPG’s fans. The gameplay and other mechanisms of the game are fantastic. In this game, the players have to rob the demons and other enemies of the world. They have to take treasures from the other opponent without showing their characters.

Torchlight III Features

Here are the features of that incredible game!

Multipliers battles

The game gives you the advantage of teaming up with friends online to take and complete the game’s challenges.

Trained And Loyal Pets

The game gives you a variety of pets you can train and will be loyal to you. With these companions, you can raid different countries.


With the regular updates, you can always be engaged with the game. In the new updates, you can take advantage of the game.

Pros And Cons


  • PvP Arenas Battles
  • Multiplayer Mode Enabled
  • Regular Updates
  • Stay connected with support team through social media platform
  • Video Game Adventure


  • Old features repeated
  • Can’t play offline
  • So much time-consuming
  • Lack of performance
  • looting to be repetitive over time

Raid Shadow Legends

Game Icon

This is a real PvP battle game. In this game your characters will fight with the dark knight forces in the realm of Teleria.

Raid Shadow Legends Features

Here are its few features given below

Choose your Favorite Champions

This game gives you almost a hundred different types of champions. All the champions have their skills and abilities.

Arena Battles

What happens when you play a game and can’t part in PVP battles that get you bored? So, in this game, the developers allow you allow you to participate in PVP Arena Battles.

Multiplayer Mode

The game allows you to stay connected with each and other player of the raid legends.

Pros And Cons


  • Multiplayer Mode
  • So many advance features
  • PvP battles
  • So many gold and coins
  • Events and challenges


  • Costly
  • Bugs are not removed
  • Need a better internet connections
  • Hard gameplay
  • Ads while app-purchasing

Borderland 3

Borderland 3

Borderland 3 is a one-shouter hunter game and a real RPG fun-based game with many abilities to get you addicted to the game.

Borderland 3 Terrific Features

Here the following are some of its features


People can choose their favorite hunters. Each hunter has extraordinary abilities and skills.


The game gives you a variety of locations to explore on maps like Jungle and Desert.

Unlimited Loots

After you and the game, you get a lot of loot in the game. With this loot, you can modify many of the game’s assets.

Pros and Cons


  • Online battles
  • Unlimited loot
  • Smooth graphics
  • Generated weapons
  • Vault Hunter’s abilities and play style benefits


  • Frame rate drops
  • Limited Energy
  • Overpowered weapons
  • Limited inventory space
  • So much time is required to learn about games


All those mentioned above top 5 games have almost the same gameplay. You can download in case the shadow fight 2 is unavailable to you. Must try the Shadow Legends game for more fun. All the games have the ability to give you a lot of fun and thrill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Raid Shadow Legends gameplay is the most similar to Shadow Fight 2.

Yes! As of my search, many other games related to Shadow Fight 2.

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